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90% of the Individuals Have Sensory IssuesSensory Pathway Center

With cutting-edge digital solutions, The Sensory Pathway Center is revolutionizing autism care. We provide comprehensive services in a warm, compassionate environment to empower individuals with autism and their families. Be a part of our journey to make the autism community a brighter and more inclusive place.

Open gym hours for kids & families which will include

Open Gym Hours for Kids & Families

Our sensory gym is a great place for children to play and explore in a safe and supportive environment. With a variety of sensory equipment and activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is a type of therapy that helps people with autism develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible. OT can help children with autism improve their social, communication, and motor skills. It can also help them learn how to do everyday tasks like getting dressed and brushing their teeth.

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Rapid Prompting Method (RPM)

The Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) is an educational technique used to help individuals with communication and learning challenges, particularly those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental disabilities. RPM was developed by Soma Mukhopadhyay, a mother of a child with autism, and it focuses on providing a means for individuals to express their thoughts and learn academic concepts.

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RightEye Technology

Coming Soon

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Neuro Diverse Gardeners - Horticulture Program

Horticultural Therapy is the use of plants to help people. It may be used to help someone physically recover from and illness or accident, help a person with a disability develop social or vocational skills or offer a chance for a person to be included and socialize.

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Our Values

At The Sensory Pathyway Center, we are guided by core values that inform everything we do.
  • Compassion

    Our fundamental belief is to extend kindness, empathy, and understanding to every individual with autism and their families.

  • Innovation

    We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve our programs and services to meet better the needs... of individuals with autism and their familie

  • Collaboration

    We believe that working together is key to achieving our mission. We partner with families, schools, and other organizations for comprehensive autism

  • Respect

    We value diversity and respect the unique needs and perspectives of every individual with autism and their families

  • Accountability

    We are committed to transparency and accountability in all our actions and decisions

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An Overview of SPC Services A World of Exploration and Growth

State-of-the-art Sensory Gym
  • Our state-of-the-art Sensory Gym is designed to provide a safe, engaging space where individuals with autism can explore, develop, and strengthen their sensory skills. From swings and trampolines to tactile stations and interactive panels, our Sensory Gym offers endless opportunities for growth and fun.
Innovative program
  • Our innovative program for autism caters to each individual's sensory needs, promoting self-regulation and building essential life skills. Embrace the future of therapy autism with our innovative and supportive equipment and compassionate experts, and watch your loved ones flourish in an environment designed just for them.
  • Provides a safe and engaging environment
  • Offers opportunities for growth and fun
  • Caters to an individual's sensory needs
  • Promotes self-regulation and builds essential life skills
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Enabled with knowledgeable and compassionate experts

Sensory Pathway Center Plan

Step into Our World: Intake Process
  • Begin your journey by connecting with our compassionate team, providing relevant information about your child's unique needs, strengths, and challenges.
Uncovering Hidden Treasures: Comprehensive Assessment
  • Our experts conduct thorough evaluations, taking into account multiple aspects of your child's development to uncover their true potential and areas for growth.
Crafting Your Program: Personalized Care Plan
  • Our skilled team designs a customized care plan to address your child's needs and goals, incorporating evidence-based practices and innovative digital solutions.
Harnessing the Power of Togetherness: Parent Involvement
  • We believe in active parental participation, fostering collaboration, and empowering families to be effective advocates and partners in their child's growth journey.
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Ways You Can Get Involved

We Need Your Support

Sensory Pathway Center thrives on the strength of our vibrant, compassionate community. Whether you're an individual with autism, a family member, a professional, or a kind-hearted supporter, we invite you to join us in making a lasting impact on those touched by autism. Together, we can lead the way in digital autism care.

Every Contribution Counts

Your generous contribution helps us continue to provide innovative, life-changing services to individuals with autism and their families. By supporting Sensory Pathway Center, you are essential in empowering our community and driving positive change. No contribution is too small – every gift makes a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Become a Part of Our Mission

Our dedicated volunteers are the backbone of our organization. By donating your time and talents, you can impact the lives of individuals with autism and their families. Whether you have a specific skill set to offer or simply a desire to help, we welcome your contribution to our mission of transforming lives through digital autism care.

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