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Social Skills

Social Skills Class - Will be run every Sat 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
By our BCBA team - Gina Ferreiro and Dina Fata

An ABA social skills class will break down specific complex social skills (such as: taking turns, conversations, sharing, joining a group, working with others towards common goals, understanding facial expressions, tone of voice and etc.) into smaller components and then teach those components systematically.

Each social skills class cannot exceed more than 6 students at a time. The ratio for each class will be 3:1.

Social skills classes will be separated by age group. The age groups are as followed: 4-6 years old; 7-10 years old; 11-14 years old; and 15-21 years old.

Small class sizes will allow the development of friendship and teach necessary skills to increase social skills

Skills that will be worked on during a social skills class are as follows (these skills will vary by age group):

  • Communicate wants and needs
  • Follow One-Step directions from adults and peers
  • Requesting items from peers
  • Co-operation skills (e.g. sharing ideas, working together)
  • Initiating and Reciprocating greetings with peers
  • Giving and receiving items from peers
  • Imitating simple and complex actions of peers (both from close up and from a distance)
  • Imitating peer play
  • Taking turns with toys and simple games
  • Tolerating toys being shared
  • Pretend Play
  • Sharing toys and other items with peers
  • Initiating and responding to simple conversation
  • Maintaining conversations (staying on topic and using appropriate statements)
  • React positively when approached by others
  • Approach other peers appropriately
  • Teaching coping skills