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SMART Play Ball

Smart PLAYBALL by PLAYWORK: The revolutionary Therapy Ball PLAYBALL is an intelligent Rehab & fitness therapy ball used with the PLAYWORK interactive recovery program.

The Smart PLAYBALL by PLAYWORK is a breakthrough smart exercise ball functioning as a performance measuring tool and video game controller that allows you a complete rehabilitation process whilst playing games and receiving real-time visual feedback. Explore engaging games designed with therapists to enhance complete body workouts.

Playball's smart integrated sensors measure and track your performance (e.g force, motion, and more) allowing you to monitor progress and manage recovery programs.

The only interactive physical therapy ball that measures both movement and pressure (force applied on the therapy ball).

Certified medical device

Cognitive health, or the ability to remember, learn, and adopt new things, is an essential part of our everyday activities. From kids to seniors, it should be taken care of the same way we take care of our lungs or kidneys, for example. It is a part of your brain health along with motor functions, emotional functions, and tactile functions.