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SMART Play Ball

Dec 5th SMART BALL Webinar from manishalad on Vimeo.

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At PLAYWORK, we've developed a smart therapy ball for rehabilitation that incorporates intelligent technology to enhance the patient's progress. While it may look like a traditional physio ball, our smart ball features an electronic component with sensors, creating a unique IoT platform that makes the ball digital and smart.

Our digital system offers interactive exercise and performance management for rehabilitation purposes and is certified as a medical device. Our innovative development allows patients to turn rehabilitation exercises using the ball into a fun and challenging interactive game, while also providing personal feedback and monitoring their progress over time.

The device is highly recommended for children with special needs who want to practice various skills, including coordination, visual orientation, perception, visual tracking, increasing strength, and more. The PLAYBALL system can be used in a variety of settings, including schools, recreational areas, clinics, hospitals, and at home. It is portable and can be used in any existing space at a clinic or home without requiring external devices such as cameras. The system is easy to operate, and anyone from the age of 5 to 99 can use it.


  • The system consists of:
    • 'Smart' ball (internal sensors)
    • Precise force & movement tracking
    • Interactive games package
    • Personalized level settings
    • Real-time feedback
    • Control panel (touchscreen)
    • Performance dashboard
    • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Exercises
    • Gross motor – big movement
    • Fine Motor
    • Multi-Tasking
    • Attention
    • Social Skills
    • Matching Games
    • Hand Eye coordination
    • Visual Skills
    • Bilateral coordination
    • Multitasking