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Our Story

The Sensory Pathway Center is non profit center funded by Akhil Autism Foundation.

Akhil Autism Foundation (AAF) is an NJ-based nonprofit organization whose dedicated mission is to Educate, Treat, Support, and Research Autism worldwide.

Our Vision: Help an autistic individual lead an independent and functional life

Mission: Every Autistic individual deserves treatment, and every parent needs education.

Akhil Autism Foundation brings awareness, education, and communication method workshops for nonverbal individuals with Autism.

The current problem: Currently, assessments involve time-consuming evaluations by skilled professionals such as a pediatrician or clinical psychologists. They often have to use expensive tools, making this unaffordable for most families.

What do we want to do?

Our vision is to Reform the treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders from Diagnosis to treatment tracking digitally, Assessments to Data taking using sensors-based and personalized treatment plans, and helping families choose the proper treatment. Conduct Research studies with Treatment clinics on different interventions and use sensors to track progress.

AAFA History-Timeline