Accessibility Tools

Our Approach

  • Step into Our World: Intake Process
    • Begin your journey by connecting with our compassionate team, providing relevant information about your child's unique needs, strengths, and challenges.
    Uncovering Hidden Treasures: Comprehensive Assessment
    • Our experts conduct thorough evaluations, taking into account multiple aspects of your child's development to uncover their true potential and areas for growth.
    Crafting Your Program: Personalized Care Plan
    • Our skilled team designs a customized care plan to address your child's needs and goals, incorporating evidence-based practices and innovative digital solutions.
    Harnessing the Power of Togetherness: Parent Involvement
    • We believe in active parental participation, fostering collaboration, and empowering families to be effective advocates and partners in their child's growth journey.
    Circle of Friends: Play Groups
    • Our team composes engaging play encounters, bringing together neurotypical volunteers and siblings of those with ASD to enrich the overall developmental journey holistically.